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Kakkazan Innovations Inc
English-Japanese translation: Patents – IT – Medical – Technical
Canada Head Office (est 2000)
N400-5811 Cooney Road
Richmond BC, Canada V6X 3M1
Tel: 604-303-6363

About Kakkazan Innovations Inc.

Kakkazan Innovations Inc. was established as a Canadian federal corporation in Vancouver, BC, in the year 2000. Unlike 99% of translation companies, who simply manage the work of freelancers and have little or no in-house translators, Kakkazan provides EN>JA and JA>EN technical translations using a team of experienced, full-time, in-house translators and linguistic quality assurance specialists.

We work in only English and Japanese, deploying only university-educated translators with a mother tongue of English and Japanese. Over more than 15 years, we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience in the English-Japanese language pair, through the translation of patents and other technical documents.

Unlike other translation companies, we also have a large team of full-time, in-house linguistic quality assurance specialists. Because of this, for each and every translation project, not only is the translator involved, but at least two separate separate linguists also review the file, checking for errors, omissions and mistranslations. This is really only feasible because we have in-house staff to do the work.

Other translation companies are generally at the mercy of their freelancer pool, who are free to accept or reject job offers, unlike in-house staff. This means that, for availability reasons, you may end up with varying translation quality and no consistency of terminology, each time you order a translation. On the other hand, Kakkazan makes an effort, through in-house linguistic sessions, shared terminology databases and a translator help system, in which senior translators answer questions from junior translators, to accumulate and retain knowledge and experience.

With over 40 full-time translation and support staff in our Vancouver office, Kakkazan Innovations translates more than 1200 patents a year, as well as litigation discovery phase documents, medical treatises, technical manuals, contracts and business reports. Most of our clients have been regular customers over the years, indicating that we continue to provide reliable, accurate translations. In addition, we have never been late on the delivery of a translation.