Japanese Patent Translation: over 30 million words/year.

We also translate technical, medical and legal documents.

Full-time, in-house, highly experienced English and Japanese translators.

Full-time translators make it possible for our team to constantly accumulate and retain knowledge and experience.

・over 1200 patents translated each year
・we use our own rigorous linguistic quality system
・each translation undergoes checks by at least two separate linguists
・for over 15 years, every delivery has been on time
・most of our customers are in North America and Japan
・Canadian head office (est 2000)

EN>JA or JA>EN Patent Translation? Kakkazan specializes in exactly that.

We regularly handle all major fields: pharmaceutical, medical, Biological, telecommunication, Chemical, IT, Technology /Engineering and so on

Are your current arrangements inadequate in terms of capacity and/or quality?

Call us for faster, more affordable, high-quality translations.