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Kakkazan Innovations Inc. is a Canadian federal corporation founded in Vancouver, BC in the year 2000. Our primary strength is patent translation in English-Japanese or Japanese-English pairs only. We also handle the translation of medical academic papers, and large volume litigation-related documents, clinical reports or technical manuals. Pricing and other details may be found here.

We have a large roster of corporate clients, from small patent attorney firms to the intellectual property and patent translation departments of large companies such as IBM, Intel, Dow Chemical, Pfizer, CIBA, Apple Computer and Japan Airlines. The patents we translate cover all fields including automotive patents, patents for medical devices, genetics, pharmaceutical, mechanical, information technology, electronics and chemical patents, etc.

Please consider Kakkazan Innovations for your next patent translation or medical translation! We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact:N400-5811 Cooney Road, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6X 3M1 Tel: (604)303-6363, Email: info@kakkazan.com